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This is your page, please contact us if you wish to advertise. 

Worldwide Women's Forum's ads for your business.


Management Integral Ltd offers the following service

Social Media Management. 

We are experts in creating cost-effective social media pages and campaigns that will deliver a strong returns for your business or non-profit. We work across all social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram, catering for all your targets audiences. We formulate a powerful and effective message and build a strong social marketing strategy. Management Integral Ltd will:

  • drive leads & increase views to your social media platforms

  • raise your brand awareness

  • engage successfully with new & existing customers

  • build a strong community of internal and external e-customer

  • design and manage your website

  • deliver cost effective advertising campaign

  • publish e-news, e-blast, online newsletters

  • drive email campaigns

  • create your logo

  • design and brand your posts

Please contact us and we will deliver cost effective social media strategies and campaigns. 

MI Ltd will charge £600 per day or for 7 hours or £86 per hour. We can offer good discount if you buy a monthly, yearly package. Click on this link to visit Management Integral website

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Watch and listen to this video, which advertises for a healthy lifestyle and products

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