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WWWF promotes equality and diversity for the public benefit in the UK and overseas by providing advocacy services via social networks, emails, articles, campaigns and events. WWWF works for the advancement of education for women and girls by providing resources and platforms for learning. To protect and preserve health and to improve the quality of life of those suffering from poverty, lack of education, work opportunities, and poor health.

In the era of social media, we will communicate to our membership using social media platforms such as Facebooks, Twitter, Instagram, Nation builder, Emails campaigns etc. WWWF will achieve this outcome by the development and implementation of an active communication strategy, the selection of channels mix, and the development of key messages and contents for audiences. Further, WWWF will design and manage websites and blogs to deliver organizational communication. WWWF will be earnest in using social websites to reach a large audience and manage an effective online marketing & communication campaign. WWWF will also organize events and activities. 

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