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Leadership is the ability of a woman to lead, manage or guide other individuals, teams, or entire organizations. A leader has power, vision, charisma, and values. A real leader is resilient, intelligent and perseverant. A woman in a leadership role leads, influence or guide other individuals, teams, or entire organizations. 

According to the DDI study, top-performing companies have the highest number of women in a leadership role. The company performing among the 20% best organizations in the west have 27% of women in a leadership role, While the less performing companies have fewer women. The company at the bottom of the 20% financial performer have around 19% of women in a leadership role. What does this mean? Hire women, if you wish to be a successful company.

Women entrepreneurs, such as Cathy Fiorini (Former HP CEO), Debra Lee (Black Entertainment Television – BET – CEO) and many other talented women are working to change perceptions and their leadership roles are encouraging women to become leaders and entrepreneurs. There is a need to see women in leadership across the entire arena of life including politics, and business, and there is still a way to go. For example, Canada which is the most successful country in achieving equality has 50% women in a leadership role, while the USA and Philippines are close to 41% and the less performing are is Japan at8%, followed by India at 14% and Taiwan at 21%.

Top Research Findings

  1. 70% of Companies Have a C-Suite Featuring 25% or Fewer Women

  2. Most Organizations Struggle to Build a Leadership Culture for Women

  3. Companies Struggle to Hire Female Technical Talent

  4. Smaller Firms Are More Likely to Achieve Gender Parity

  5. High-Performing Organizations Have Different Cultural and Philosophical Views about Female Leadership   .....Click here to read more

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