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Worldwide Women’s Forum advocates for the rights of women internationally. Our advocacy work includes education, gender equality, women empowerment. research, leadership, social and economic progress for women

Our Forum is an organization for international women who want to bring societal changes. Worldwide Women’s Forum is a non-profit which works for women's advancement in the following fields.


  • The promotion of education for women and girls.

  • The promotion of Leadership and Entrepreneurship for women and girls.

  • The promotion of health, research to save the lives of women and children

  • The prevention of violence and sexual harassment

  • The advancement of gender equality

  • The promotion of equal pay

  • The promotion of Social Progress for women and girls

  • The advancement of family values.

  • The promotion of tolerance in religion

  • The advancement of Women’s rights

  • The advancement of Political leadership and peace

  • The Eradication of poverty for women and girls.


This forum is created for the benefits of women worldwide who have suffered from inequality and who want to press for progress. Collective actions by women will help us achieve progress and equality for all women.




We would like to press for progress and achieve equality for women’s in all the areas named above. Success will be measured when women who represent 50% of the world population will share equally the leadership roles and have access to education in the same way as men globally. We will not stop until we eradicate poverty and all women benefit and have dignified access to work and receive equal pay. We will not stop until women share equally the leadership role with men. They are world leaders, entrepreneurs, CEO and equal partners in caring for this planet. When, there is no longer, gender inequality, then Worldwide Women’s Forum would have achieved its goals.

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