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Mission Statement


As a worldwide organization, we are committed to the empowerment of women. We are committed to helping all genuine and authentic women to succeed and supporting them in achieving their goals and mission in life. We hope that every woman recognizes and utilize her unique purpose and skills, to fulfil her life’s goals.  


  • by providing information via the websites and social media

  • by actively networking and creating support groups for women’s worldwide

  • By actively sharing compassion, kindness, and doing virtuous action.

  • By acting in an honest manner, always showing integrity.

  • By demonstrating professionalism and competences

  • by providing advice to women from all background

  • by raising awareness through conferences and workshop

  • by carrying out research

  • by making grants to the small grassroots organizations in developing countries

  • by providing scholarships to girls and young women worldwide

  • by mentoring women from all walks of life

  • by providing free medical care and dispensary worldwide

How will WWWF take actions?
Key actions
Women's education
Women in leadership roles
Women's health centers

Help us financially to enable us to accomplish our work.

Volunteer with WWWF to enable to work. We always need people with skills and talents.

Worldwide Women's Forum Network

Worldwide Women was founded by Florine Clomegah, the CEO and two other women Lynda Ekoue and Amanda Gabiam who are the trustees and non-executive directors of WWWF. Alice Clomegah, the perfect demonstration of women's solidarity always provide counsel to the CEO. Lauren Treiber is also actively involved with WWWF Operations. Today These ladies are enthusiastic about raising awareness of women’s issues. WWWF's aim is a world where women do not live in poverty; are treated with dignity and respect. A world where women are empowered and every woman has the right to realize her full potential and achieve financial independence in a more egalitarian world. We believe that when women are given the proper education, skills, tools, and action, they can achieve the highest success, in all the walks of life.

We work together with our expanding membership to impact positively on women and girls’ lives. By genuinely helping, supporting each other, we can reach a greater number of women and make our vision for equality and a better and fairer world, a reality. This world needs more women in leadership and management role. Our network comprises thousands at the moment, and we hope to expand further. Join our network by adding your name to our group on Facebook and by sending your contact details. Membership is free. Send articles and ideas. We are always happy to receive your feedback. Send concepts papers for projects you would like to lead, finance or/and manage. JOIN US to change the world for women. Help us make this world a better place for women and children.

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