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Investing in Women and Girls Potentials

  • Giving a scholarship to girls to attend their local school.

  • Helping women’s achieving leadership and entrepreneurship dreams.

  • Leading health programmes and projects worldwide.

  • Creating a powerful network of women

  • Leading e-Mentoring projects

  • Managing successful volunteering and giving-back projects

  • Eradicating poverty by empowering women to work and lead

  • Empowering women through global conferences

  • Preventing violence and sexual harassment

  • Supporting and empowering older women to live happily.

  • Preventing Gender-Based Violence

  • Violence against women: 1billionn rising

  • ‘One Billion Rising begins on 14 February 2013. It is a call to the billion women who have been violated and the men who love them, to the women who have been beaten and raped and mutilated and burned and sold and who know the destruction of the female species heralds the end of humankind. A call to walk out of your homes, your jobs, your schools and find your friends, your group, your place and music and dance. A global dance action, our feet on the earth. And in these months leading to One Billion Rising we will link our issues and stories and villages and cities to the dancing. (The Guardian)’


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