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by Lynda Ekoue - Board Director

From the 1980s, the woman as an actress became the concept of a new development approach,  and her participation became a demand for financial backers. This desire to involve more women is based on the images conveyed to women. In times of conflict, women are intermediaries because they facilitate communication and negotiations and are real bridges between communities and peacemakers in the family.

They are responsible for the education of children and ensure everything goes well and influences development. In peaceful moments, the responsibilities of women are typical. The concept of gender must then be applied as a vital aspect of development and not as a lifeline for an inferior and vulnerable social category.

A society without women is impossible despite the significant social changes and despite the difficulties of endorsing the new gender relations generated by the acceleration of history and globalisation.

The involvement of women in politics sometimes raises the question of the nature of politics, and if the discourse of their rights has opened up space for them to speak and act broadly, they must not forget that must also transform the state. Changing the state by associating their grievances with that of society on the equality of class, race, religion or culture is a challenge they must meet to achieve more democratic governance and concerned with the sustainable development of its populations.

Women in rural areas play a significant role. They help men in large-scale farming, processing and marketing harvested products. These multiple activities contribute to the definition of female identity and its status.

Given the challenges and the need for women in Africa and elsewhere to assert their position in a transversal way, sustainable and lasting solidarity must be based on mutual understanding and respect for the differential interests of both women and men.

 A society without a woman today is inconceivable because women are born with planning, organising, directing and ruling her home,  which was assigned as her domain from ancient times.

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